Dental Implant Transformation Before & After

At TeethNow, we take each smile seriously and treat each patient with the utmost understanding of their personal situation. As dental implant specialists, we have seen cases from mild, to severe, and everything in between.

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Patients with cases of severe tooth decay and missing teeth do not have to worry about whether or not they will be treated. There is no case too big or too small for magic to be made at TeethNow. If the idea of undergoing a dental implant procedure worries you, we have provided you with some patient before & afters for your inspiration.

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We have come to understand the catch 22 that many patients come to us experiencing. Their oral health, self-esteem, and daily functioning are each dependent on some form of full smile restoration. At the same time, they are apprehensive and unaware of what the smile restoration process entails.

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It’s Simpler Than You Think

Once explained, procedures such as Smile-in-a-Day and All-On-Four become the key to all dental implant candidates’ relief. Our dental implant experts here at TeethNow are elite and highly experienced professionals who specialize in full smile restoration procedures such as these.

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Both the All-On-Four procedure and the Smile-in-a-day procedure serve to completely restore a patient’s smile. The assigned procedure will depend largely on the amount of teeth the patient needs replaced. For single teeth, to multiple teeth, Smile-in-a-day is the go-to procedure. For an entire upper and-or lower jaw of missing teeth, the All-On-Four is the go-to procedure.

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All-On-Four Procedure

For the All-On-Four procedure, a fixed bridge is set onto just four implants, securing the natural-looking, fully-functioning teeth into the implants for a permanent smile. Thanks to our high-end technology, the patients’ fixed bridges are created to perfection. They are customized specifically to each patient’s mouth with the help of the x-rays and impressions. On the day of the procedure, the patient has their teeth extracted and their implants fastened into their mouths. They leave our office with a brand new smile in the same visit!

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Smile-in-a-Day Procedure

The Smile-in-a-Day procedure utilizes the same technology for maximum precision and efficiency. Any row of teeth is replaced with an authentic looking and functioning section of teeth, implanted into the bone. These permanent teeth with blend right in and allow you to enjoy what had been difficult to enjoy for quite some time.

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