What We Offer

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

Our state-of-the-art dental office is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced technology in dental implant and periodontal care. Among the most innovative treatments we offer are digital X-rays, computer-guided implant surgery, and a three dimensional (3-D) dental cone beam computed tomography x-ray. Treatment is quicker, more comfortable, and above all else, safer than ever before.


Smile In A Day™

Not only have we restored hundreds of smiles with dental implants, we often perform all teeth and replace dentures.

Teeth in an Hour™

Teeth in an Hour™ is an innovative procedure that replaces your missing teeth in just one visit. Watch one of our dental implant specialists demonstrate Teeth in an Hour™ on Channel 9 News.


If you’ve been told you need dentures to replace your teeth, ask again. The All-on-Four (also known as Allon4) procedure has revolutionized teeth replacement, making dentures a thing of the past.