Smile in a Day™

is an an ideal solution for dental implant patients to safely and immediately replace missing, decayed, broken, or compromised teeth.

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Innovative & Safe

Smile in a Day™ offers an ideal solution for dental implant patients who need to have their teeth removed or who struggle wearing dentures. The innovative Smile in a Day™ technique also upgrades the replacement of an existing denture. Patients who are missing one or multiple teeth benefit from placement of implants to complete a full set of teeth again.

The Smile in a Day™ delivers the finest outcome in dentistry. A low radiation 3-D x-ray with 3-D software helps us plan perfect implant placement. Unparalleled planning produces precise implant placement at the time of surgery. Better yet, you never go without teeth during the process:
You walk out of our office with beautiful teeth the same day you walk in!

Smile in a Day™ offers a minimally invasive solution without compromising the existing jaw bone. Periodontists ensure the preservation of your natural gums and bone tissue. With a brand new, permanent set of teeth your new smile will look and feel incredible!

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This technique can be used in:





Am I A Candidate For Smile in a Day™?

What Makes You A Candidate For Our Smile In A Day™ Procedure?

  • Loose, misaligned, or decayed teeth
  • You are struggling with dentures
  • You have suffered bone loss through gum disease
  • Congenitally missing teeth
  • You’ve lost teeth from trauma

With few exceptions, most patients seeking the Smile in a Day™ find a solution in our dental center.
Whether replacing a single missing tooth or a complete arch, our friendly team takes pride in providing all patients with a healthy, vibrant smile!

Steps involved in the Smile in a Day™ procedure

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Initial Consultation

An initial comprehensive consultation helps us evaluate your suitability for the Smile in a Day™ technique. During the consultation, you can expect a thorough dental examination, a series of dental x-rays, and a photoshoot of your current smile. This essential data gives us the insight we need to get started. You will also meet with your personal treatment plan coordinator to discuss the treatment and financing options.

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Assessment & Scans

Your dentist will need to check you are dentally fit to have smile in a day treatment. They’ll do a detailed assessment of your mouth, including X-rays, and take 3D scans which indicate the volume of bone in your jaw. For your treatment to be successful, your dentist needs to make sure you have enough bone in your jaw to take implants.

If you’re a suitable candidate, they’ll work through a detailed treatment plan with you, which outlines exactly how many appointments you’ll need, how long your treatment will take, and how much it will cost.

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Fitting Your New Smile

With smile in a day treatment, the implants themselves can usually be fitted on the same day, but your dentist will need to do planning and preparation before you have your new smile. Your dentist might need to see you for multiple appointments before your surgery- it’s completely different depending on each person’s mouth.

Then you’ll come in and have your implants fitted, with your temporary set of teeth placed on top. After a few months, you’ll come back and have your permanent set of teeth placed on your implants.

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Follow Ups & Aftercare

After you’ve had your new smile fitted, it’s important you look after it properly, and that you see your dentist regularly to check progress. Your dentist will give you a detailed aftercare plan, including follow-up appointments and guidance for oral hygiene. They’ll carefully talk you through every step you need to follow to keep your new smile healthy.

Good aftercare is the key to making sure your implants stay healthy and last a long time.

Dental implants are titanium anchors that replace missing tooth roots. Dental implants are placed into the jawbone to support fixed dental crowns that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Traditionally, dental implants heal 3 to 6 months before the permanent crowns are attached.

On the day of your dental implants surgery, you go home with temporary teeth attached to your dental implants. Several months later, when we complete the final non-surgical construction of your permanent teeth. But you never go without teeth and always leave our office with a full set!

Smile in a Day™

is a procedure that immediately attaches a provisional crown or bridge to the dental implant anchor(s). This efficient process delivers immediate, non-removable teeth in one visit. Smile in a Day™ eliminates the need for uncomfortable removable dentures.

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Advantages Of Smile in a Day™ Over Conventional Dental Implants Therapy

Some Advantages Of the Smile In A Day™ Technique Include:

  • Minimally invasive way to provide a natural looking smile

  • This technique helps to maintain bone and gum tissue

  • Long-lasting temporary teeth that can help save you money

  • Thinner and stronger than an All-On-Four bridge with a hidden metal framework.

  • Reduces the wait to receive implant-supported fixed teeth from the traditional 6 to 12 months to the same day

  • Patients report virtually no discomfort after treatment

  • Eliminates the need to wear uncomfortable dentures over sore, healing gums.

  • Does not consist of any pink material: Only teeth

  • No cement is used in Smile in a Day™ prosthesis

  • Published results document similar success rates as the conventional methods

  • Smile in a Day™ patients enjoy renewed self-esteem and confidence in their smiles

  • Crown and bridges are securely attached with titanium screws

If you are one of the 100 million Americans missing one tooth or all of your teeth, a life-changing solution may be closer than you think with the Smile in a Day™ procedure.

Why do we use 3D Imaging and Treatment Planning?


    of the quality and quantity of the bone


    i.e., nerves, blood vessels, sinus cavities


    with less invasive treatment


    with predictable esthetic results


    to perform surgical treatment


    for better communication between the patient and the dental team

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