An Alternative to ClearChoice

Let’s Talk Dental Implants

Often times, patients who find out they are in need of dental implants or realize the need for dental implants on their own have one thing in common. That one thing is their unknowingness in regards to what comes next. Everyone wants to make the best decision when it comes to their oral health and aesthetic appearance, however, most patient’s general lack of knowledge when it comes to dental implants causes them to make misguided choices.

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With that said, there are many options for dental implants. This very truth is the sole reason why it is so easy for patients to be misguided when it comes time for them to research and make dental implant choices.

What are the Alternatives to ClearChoice?

We provide multiple treatment options here at Advanced Periodontics. When a patient walks into our office, we assess them honestly. What do we mean by assessing them honestly? We’ll explain! We always want our patients to have a choice. If we evaluate the patient and come to the conclusion that they do, in fact, need dental implants, we explain their treatment options to them in detail. They are then able to make the most financially educated, result oriented decision for their oral health.

In addition to providing our patients with treatment options, we offer them a customized and personalized experience. Once a decision is made in regards to treatments, we assign each patient to their very own concierge treatment planner. These treatment planners will guide the patient through every step of the procedure, and all through their post-operative appointments. Our concierge treatment planners offer the following to their patient:

  • A detailed layout of what to expect procedurally.
  • A payment plan.
  • Pre-op and Post-op instructions.
  • Answers to any questions they may have prior to treatment.

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Choose TeethNow

Our doctors work with the treatment plan coordinators to not just get to know your dental needs, but more importantly, to get to know you personally. We will find the best treatment option for you specifically, and ensure that your implants are customized specifically for you.

If you need help making the best dental implant decision for you, call (929)930-3677. Our receptionists will be happy to schedule you a complimentary consultation for us to hear your concerns, answer your questions, and get you started on your journey to a brand new smile.